Trekking tour in Ghund and Bartang valley

Combined (Jeep and trekking) Tour – 2021

17 days combined (jeep+trekking) tours in Pamir Mountains. During this tour you would get acquainted with the historical and archeological sites of the Pamirs and Tajikistan. You would enjoy the beautiful scenery with river Oxus that makes the boundary line between Tajikistan and Afghanistan, the photogenic places with shrines, signs as well as the beautiful mountain scenery of the Pamirs. While trekking we will see beautiful Pamir's alpine lakes and legendary "sleeping dragon" Sarez lake.
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  • Fees for visiting the museum, hot springs, fortresses and other fee paying places
  • National Parks

Meeting and welcoming the guests at the airport. Transfer to hotel. Resting/overnight in hotel. Visit to Gurminj Museum of traditional musical instruments and Museum of Antiquities. After lunch driving to country side to Hissar district to see the Hissar Fortress (18th century) which is located 30 km west of Dushanbe. Beside the fortress there are two madrasahs (18th and 19th centuries) and one mausoleum (16th century). If time allows we will go to Gorge of Varzob. Although the Valley is not famous for architectural heritage, it opens up a breathtaking view of the nature. Varzob Valley is a famous leisure spot among residents nearby and expats for its numerous recreational and picnic areas. Enjoying the valley. Coming back to Dushanbe, overnight in hotel.

Departure to Pamir via Kulyab region (900m). Passing to Kalai Khumb we will see the scenery and the people changing. Local people here are called Pamiris with their own languages and varied culture and traditions. The culture and traditions in Pamirs differs as you go further and further and you can observe the preserved culture and style of living. Kalai Khumb is located on the Panj River, a major tributary of the famous Amu Darya (Oxus) River. Accommodation in a private guesthouse in Kalai Khum.

Driving from Kalai Khumb to Khorog (2110m) and to Bachor (3332m) village. Khorog is the administrative centre of the Pamir region, dramatically set deep in the valley at the confluence of the Panj and Ghunt rivers and boxed in by the mountain peaks. We will arrive in Khorog, have lunch and continue driving to Ghunt valley through the Ghunt river. Arrival in Bachor village, Resting. Accommodation in home stay. B/L/D.

Trekking from Qarghizshabar to Chapdarkul lake (4530m). 5-6 hours walking, lunch would be served on the way. In this day we will enjoy the majestic lake of Chapadarkul with possibility to see yaks around. Laying tents and accommodation. Overnight in tents.

Day 06. Trekking from Chapdarkul  to  Uchkul (4314m).

Trekking from Chapdarkul through the "Uchkul" (4314m).(means three Lakes)» to Ukhinch (name of the pasture) 6 hours walking, lunch would be served on the way. In this day we will enjoy the three lakes which are all called Uchkul. We will pass through the pastures and will be meeting the Sheperds, one is Zaurbek is doing this job for 25 years. He comes to the pasture with his family. He will make us tea and will feed us with yogurt that make in the pasture. Accommodation and overnight in tents by the pasture.

Trekking from Ukhinch to Irkht ( 3300m). 6-7 hours walking, lunch would be served on the way. The name of the Pasture as well the meteorological station). This day we will descend through the valley and reach Irkht where one side of the Sarez Lake starts. Having shower. Overnight in house or tent.

This day early in the morning enjoying the nice sunrise over Sarez Lake (3200m). lunch by the lake. The motorboat would be ready in the morning to ride us to the dam. We will ride for 45-50 minuts in the Sarez Lake. Reaching the Dam where the department of Committee of Emergency Situation is located to control the lake and the dam. Walking around the lake, enjoying the nice view. Overnight in house.

Descending from the Lake Sarez to Barchidev village (2100m). The walking will take 8 hours. Walking along the Murgab river that flows from the Sarez Lake. Arrival in Barchidev. Overnight in homestay.

After breakfast drive up the Bartang valley to Pasor village. On the way to have stops for taking photo of the beautiful sites, seeing how the famous Pamiri socks are knit; option to buy some as souvenir. Continue with car to Roshorv village, for the ones without acrophobia, walk on a nice panoramic way to Roshorv. Walking around in the amazing village and enjoying view on Peak Labnazar (5990m). Driving to Sawnob. Enjoy the places, such as old castle, solar calendar, refuge caves, holy spring and petroglyphs. Possibility for bath in small lake with mild water temperature. Driving to Pasor village. Overnight in home stay.

Start of the trek from Pasor to second shepherd hut. 6 hours walking, lunch would be served on the way.Enjoying the beautiful scene of Khafraz valley. The luggage are transported on the donkeys. Laying tents. Overnight in tents.

Trek to Lozarbun. 7 hours walking, lunch would be served on the way. Continue trekking from shepherd hut to Lozarbun (the bottom of the Girjimailo Glacier). Laying tents, overnight in tents.

Trek from Lozarbun and walking over glacier. 5-6 hours walking, lunch would be served on the way. Continue the trek from Lozarbun over the glacier start of Grumm-Girijimailo, enjoying the glacier walk, and the mountain ranges covered with snow and glacier and the sunny day. Having Picnic. Descend to Lozarbun and shepherd hut. Laying tents and staying in tents.

Back to Pasor village. 5 hours walking, lunch would be served on the way. Descent from Shepherd hut to Pasor village. End of the trek. Resting. Overnight in Home stay. (From Pasor we have two ways to go, either go back to Dushanbe or go to through Tanimas valley across Kuk jar pass – Aqtash -Murghab- Karakul- Kizil Art pass – Osh)