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Seven Lakes

Fann Mountains

The Seven Lakes, also known as Haftkul or Marguzor Lakes, are a stunning natural complex located in the Fann Mountains of western Tajikistan, near the city of Penjikent. Each of the seven lakes has its own unique name: Nezhigon, Soya, Gushor, Nofin, Khurdak, Marguzor, and Hazorchasma.

Situated in the gorge of the Shing River, the lakes range in altitude from 1640 to 2400 meters above sea level, with a total height difference of 760 meters and a distance of over 14 kilometers between the first and last lakes. Accessible by a dirt road, the journey along the serpentine path takes about an hour by vehicle.

The lakes vary in size and characteristics. Nezhigon, the first lake, is known for its changing palette of colors, while Soya is nestled between high rocks, creating shaded waters. Gushor, named for its vigilant surroundings, once housed a Soviet-era tourist camp before being washed away by mudflow. Nofin, the fourth lake, is elongated and said to hold secrets according to local legends.

Khurdak, the smallest lake, was once home to a small hydroelectric power station, while Marguzor, the largest and most beautiful lake, boasts petroglyphs and semi-precious stone mines from ancient times. Hazorchasma, the final lake, is fed by numerous springs and marks the end of the Shing River gorge.

Visitors can reach the Seven Lakes by car from Penjikent, with the journey taking a full day to explore each lake properly. Additionally, travelers can access the lakes from Samarkand, Uzbekistan, with a short border crossing at the Jartepa-Sarazm checkpoint.