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Zarafshan valley

Murgab, the capital of the Murgab district in the Pamir mountains, stands as a vital outpost in Tajikistan, boasting a population of 4,000 souls. Nestled at a staggering elevation of 3,650 meters above sea level, Murgab holds the title of being the highest town in Tajikistan and the former Soviet Union. Strategically positioned at the junction of the Murgab River and the Pamir Highway, it serves as a pivotal stopover along this historic route.

Established by the Russians as the Pamir Sky Post in 1893, Murgab's modern iteration flourished during the Soviet era, evolving into a significant center for trade and a resting spot along the Pamir Highway. Despite its harsh climate and limited infrastructure, the town continues to charm visitors with its rugged allure.

Key Highlights:

Founded amidst the struggle for Central Asian influence, Murgab rose from humble beginnings to become a vital waypoint along the Pamir Highway.

Home to a diverse population, with approximately 25% Pamir Tajik and 75% Kyrgyz residents, Murgab represents a melting pot of cultures.

Despite its challenging environment, Murgab serves as a gateway to exploration, offering access to natural wonders such as the Madian Valley, Lake Karakul, and the Murgab crater.

Tourists can immerse themselves in local culture by visiting the Lenin monument, exploring the bazaar, or spectating at the local football field.

With its unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty, Murgab stands as an essential destination along the Pamir Highway, beckoning travelers from around the globe.