Bartang, Wakhan, Murgab - 20 days, $1675

Bartang, Wakhan, Murgab - 20 days, $1675

During this tour you would get acquainted with the historical and archeological sites of the Pamirs and Tajikistan. You would enjoy the beautiful scenery with river Oxus that makes the boundary line between Tajikistan and Afghanistan, the photogenic places with shrines, signs as well as the beautiful mountain scenery of the Pamirs. And last but not the least you would observe the preserved culture, tradition and the life style of the Tajik and Pamirian people in the remote villages of the Pamirs in Bartang Valley and Wakhan. During the tour there would be one 2-day trek to and from Gizev village plus with one day stay in Gizev in Bartang valley and 1-day hiking in Langar village (Wakhan valley) to the petroglyphs sites (over 6000 petroglyphs). Two nights before the finish of the tour in Sawnob village of Bartang valley the special dinner with “PAMIR ECOTOURISM” SURPRISE would be organized.


17 February 2019